2018, September

Farm update – 9/3/2018

Happy Labor Day! We seem to have an annual tradition going now of enjoying a home-grown, completely volunteer watermelon on Labor Day. This year, the watermelon grew right by the pool, so it may be a direct descendent of last year’s Labor Day watermelon, which was eaten poolside. Aside from keeping the vines from growing into the house or into the pool, this plant required no care this summer.

The main reason our watermelon was on its own this summer was the abundance of rain. June and August are normally two of our rainiest months, each receiving an average of just above 6 inches of rain (March also gets 6 inches on average). July isn’t far behind, at about 5.75 inches of rainfall. This year, we got nearly 7 inches in June, and close to 9 inches in both July and August. For those three months we’re running more than 7 inches, nearly 40%, above average. That has also meant that we’ve done little supplemental irrigating this summer.

August was unusual in another way. Because I am outside for work nearly every day between late July and early November, I notice the summer weather a lot, if not always even consciously. On those hot July and August days, shade and breezes are so welcome. More than that even, I’ve started to know August as “The Month When Overnight Lows Get Into The 60s.” August usually treats us to a couple of mornings with temperatures in the low- to mid-60s. When daytime highs can still reach the mid-90s, a crisp 65 degree morning feels absolutely refreshing, almost shockingly so, after two months where temperatures are always above 70 degrees, day and night. And so, although we have had a couple of beautiful mornings the last week or so, I was a little disappointed that we didn’t have any refreshingly cool August mornings, though we did see one reading at 69. It’ll have to be September that brings that feeling of heading into fall, and I can’t wait!

1 thought on “Farm update – 9/3/2018”

  1. The second main reason watermelon is not popularly grown here is that it want to be watered regularly through the dry summers. We do not get any rain between mid spring and mid or late autumn. The other reason is that it does not get very warm here for very long,, and when it does, it cools off at night.


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