2018, September

Farm update – 9/16/2018

This weekend we dug three beds of peanuts, which ended up being a good task because of the warm weather that’s still enveloping us. Lifting them out of the ground goes pretty quickly. Once dug, we shake the soil off and take the plants in their entirety back to the barn, where we turn some fans on and sit in relative comfort to pick the peanuts off the vine. From this latest round of harvested peanuts, we made another batch of boiled peanuts, left some in the field to dry, and kept some as green peanuts, in case you’d like to try your hand at making homemade boiled peanuts.

Elsewhere on the farm, our chickens provided some amusement this weekend. Chickens are egg-laying machines, undoubtedly, but they’re not flawless egg makers. Sometimes the eggs have double yolks. Sometimes the egg is misshapen (and being egg shaped is in fact one of the criteria for grading eggs). Other times, we’ll find an egg in a nest box that just makes us laugh. That happened this weekend, and since it came from one of our youngest chickens, I can only assume it was her first egg. I just recently wrote about those first eggs a chicken lays. The eggs are smaller to begin with, until the hen reaches full maturity. Well, if those other eggs are small, then the giggle-inducing one we found this weekend was downright tiny. A standard large egg is 2 oz. A small egg like our hens first lay is about 1.5 oz. The miniscule one this weekend weighed just under 0.5 oz and was completly dwarfed by a normal large chicken egg. We still gave the hen an “A” for effort, however!

Tiny egg, next to a standard large egg for comparison

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