2018, September

Farm update – 9/30/2018

It’s been a while since we put in two back-to-back sunrise to sunset farm work days, and that’s just about what this weekend was. But we were able to get almost all of the fall veggies in the ground! We have a few more raised beds and field rows to plant, but what remains to be planted are veggies that either need cooler weather, or are things that we have planted already and will plant more of in a week or two to extend their harvest. There were endless trips to the compost piles for amending the soil, plus lots of hoeing, compost spreading, raking, soil flipping, leveling, digging, seed sowing, hand watering, and laying out row covers for insect protection, but we got it done.

Salad medley, romaine, bok choy, Chinese cabbage, tat soi, carrots, hakurei turnips, broccoli, kale, red cabbage, Swiss chard, green onions, snow peas, and several varieties of radishes were all on this weekend’s planting list. We got to use our seeder, which makes planting a row of seed so easy. You select the appropriate seed plate (which has holes matching the size of the seed you’re planting), put your seed in the hopper, and then walk behind the seeder down the row to be planted. The front wheel creates a channel in the soil at the appropriate depth for planting. As you walk, the seed plate spins and picks up seeds from the hopper and drops them in a chute that deposits them into the channel made by the front wheel. A chain drags soil over the channel, covering the seeds, and the rear wheel packs the soil firmly. It probably takes less than a minute to plant our 35-foot rows, with no stooping required. As you might imagine, we put the seeder to work anytime we’re able to.

Watermelon radish seed being planted with our seeder

If everything comes up well and puts up with some continued warm weather, we could be harvesting a variety of greens, radishes and green onions a week or so before Halloween. Other veggies will be ready by mid-November and some, like carrots, likely won’t be ready to harvest until early December. The different harvest dates keep us in an ever-changing seasonal supply of fall veggies. Until those fall veggies are ready, we’ll have peppers and eggplant tiding us over for at least another week or two, and we may be able to start digging sweet potatoes in about two weeks.

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