2018, October

Farm update – 10/21/2018

This has been a long and busy week. One of continued hurricane clean up and recovery, of tending to the noisy, hungry generators that are allowing us to cling to our status as dwellers of modern civilization, of acclimating to cold showers and eating dinner in the dark.

We carved out time to begin replanting the veggies wiped away by Hurricane Michael, and were actually able to make decent progress. We replanted lettuce, Swiss chard, red cabbage, and tat soi. And we finally got around to finishing some planting that was delayed due to the hurricane, including sowing arugula, beets, and kale seed that will be this season’s crop of baby kale.

Surprisingly, the bok choy and Tokyo Bekana Chinese cabbage were relatively hurricane resistant, and we were able to keep those beds rather than starting from scratch on them. The bok choy is big enough that we might be able to harvest baby bok choy next weekend.

Bok choy in front, Chinese cabbage behind: Hurricane survivors!

It may be a while until our online market is teeming with a variety of veggies (you may have noticed it’s “Closed for maintenance”), but as soon as next weekend we possibly could have sweet potatoes and radishes available in the market, in addition to that baby bok choy.

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