2018, October

Farm update – 10/28/2018

12 days and 2 hours (yes, we were counting) after losing power as Hurricane Michael began pushing ashore, we finally got power back. Just about 12 hours later, we took off for a work conference in Louisiana where we spent a couple of days with old and new friends sharing information about longleaf pine ecosystem management and restoration.

Returning to the farm Saturday, we starting putting our world back in order. We serviced the generators so they could be given back to their owner in good condition. We returned a 30 amp plug to the neighbor who helped us wire a generator to our well. We also returned frozen food to a different neighbor whose food we were keeping while she was in Tennessee visiting her son and waiting for power to be restored. We continued working on cleanup in the pool area, hauling the broken fence away, and ridding the pool of the leaves, shingles, and dead frogs that had been our bathing companions from the early days of being without power.

Little by little, however, we’re putting the storm damage behind us and we’re getting back to life as normal. Most exciting, we were able to begin harvesting a few of the fall veggies, including radishes, green onions, and sweet potatoes (which are curing this week). Our online market is open once again, and you’ll find a small but hopefully growing inventory there.

We planted more radishes this weekend, and prepared the final three beds for the fall, which we should be able to plant this week. We also sowed pea shoot seed in the greenhouse, the first time it’s been used in about 5 months. Now we’ll have it back in use nearly constantly through the end of the spring growing season. I just hope it doesn’t take me too many mornings to get back in the habit of watering it before work!

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