2018, November

Farm update – 11/4/2018

November already! This has been an off-kilter fall for sure. Between the warmth of September (much above average mean temperatures, and record warmest minimum temperatures) and losing October to hurricane Michael, nothing on the farm has gone exactly as planned.

As I look at pictures from previous years’ fall harvests, I can’t help but notice that we’re well behind “schedule”. We were harvesting broccoli this time last year, but just today I noticed that we finally have the tiniest little broccoli heads forming on our plants. And yet, instead of being sad about what we’re missing out on, each new crop that comes in makes me that much more grateful to be able to harvest and enjoy it.

This week’s new harvest was lettuce, and being able to make a simple salad to accompany dinner tonight felt like a triumph. In the immediate aftermath of the hurricane, I was strongly tempted to give up on the fall season. But I’m glad we didn’t, because the joy that comes from eating well, and knowing that our produce is giving others that same sense of satisfaction, is worth all of the delays and replantings that this season has bestowed upon us.

As we look ahead to the upcoming week, baby arugula and Jerusalem artichokes may be the next new harvests of the season.

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