2018, November

Farm update – 11/18/2018

Despite the unusual events of September’s heat and October’s hurricane, November’s first freeze came exactly on time, and yet somehow managed to catch us off guard.

This time last week, the forecast for the upcoming week showed temperatures no lower than low-40s. As the week went on, however, Friday morning’s low kept creeping downward. By about Wednesday it was down to 36. By Thursday morning, 35. Then Thursday evening, around dark, a freeze warning was issued indicating several hours of below freezing temps were in store. I briefly wondered whether it was worth running around and throwing row covers on the remaining veggies that aren’t covered. That would have added up to 4 degrees of frost protection. In the end, because it was already cold and late, they remained uncovered. And yet, as I learn and forget every year, these cold-weather veggies are pretty tolerant of at least a little bit of freezing weather. Despite walking out to the field Friday morning and seeing ice crystals on the lettuce, by Friday afternoon they were as pretty as the day before.

That behind us, we were able to plant our garlics this weekend. We separated the garlic cloves by size, and planted the small cloves to be harvested as green garlic, and the larger ones to develop into bulbs. We also planted elephant garlic which should hopefully make some nice sized bulbs this year. Additionally, we harvested the first hakurei turnips of the season.

We have two chances at a frost or freeze this week, but it is otherwise looking like a beautiful holiday week ahead!

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