2018, November

Farm update – 11/25/2018

Early this week we were able to dig the remaining sweet potatoes, so we have purple sweet potatoes and some traditional orange ones available, and just enough white sweet potatoes to grow slips (shoots that grow from a mature sweet potato) to plant next year.

We also got the remaining row covers put out, so there will be no last minute panicking the next time a freeze warning comes in. Even though everything has been fine through a couple of frosts so far, it’s nice to have one fewer thing to think about when cold weather approaches.

Of course, this time of year it’s hard not to reflect on what you’re grateful for. To have the place, and the ability, and the support to run the farm is not something we take for granted. And so we’re sending out a big thanks to everyone who makes it possible, and meaningful, for Calamint Farms to keep on producing fresh and organic southwest-Georgia grown veggies.

1 thought on “Farm update – 11/25/2018”

  1. How does the flavor of the purple or white sweet potatoes compare to the traditional types? There are so vegetables that are trendy merely because they look strange, regardless of any other attributes. For example, yellow watermelon is a novelty, but is not as good as traditional red watermelon. White beets are sort of like turnips. It would be difficult to improve on traditional sweet potatoes.


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