2018, December

Farm update – 12/9/2018

Yesterday morning we were out planting garlic when we heard a rattling call from overhead that could mean only one thing: sandhill crane. Oddly, it was one lone crane, its wide wings taking it on lazy loops through the low-slung gray clouds. Work ceased until the graceful bird was out of sight, its presence captivating.… Continue reading Farm update – 12/9/2018

2018, December

Farm update – 12/2/2018

Today was one of those days that Mother Nature stops you and forces you to appreciate all the beauty around. After an overnight drenching of 3 inches of rain (locally up to 9 inches not too far away!), and continually updated thunderstorm warnings and tornado watches throughout the night, stepping outside this morning was like… Continue reading Farm update – 12/2/2018