2018, December

Farm update – 12/2/2018

Today was one of those days that Mother Nature stops you and forces you to appreciate all the beauty around.

After an overnight drenching of 3 inches of rain (locally up to 9 inches not too far away!), and continually updated thunderstorm warnings and tornado watches throughout the night, stepping outside this morning was like entering a world of color after living in black and white. As I trampled over the sodden ground out to the field, I was struck by how the post-storm morning light was creating such vibrant contrast between the still-dark rain clouds all around, the rich green of the young pines, and the bronzed hues of the summer grasses now senesced.

Combined with the pleasant morning temperature, it was hard to imagine a more beautiful and contemplative setting in which to spend a leisurely morning harvesting greens. It certainly didn’t feel much like a December morning, yet another reason to appreciate it while it lasted.

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