2019, January

Farm update – 1/6/2019

Happy New Year!

The beautiful sunshine most of yesterday and all day today made it so wonderful to be outside working. The wind and rain and gray skies of late 2018 were replaced by unseasonably warm weather and, yes, sun!

We seized the opportunity to clean out the greenhouse in preparation for planting. We moved everything out, and swept up the potting mix that has accumulated on the floor, as well as the leaves that had blown in.

With the greenhouse tables outside on such a nice day, we set up a washing and potting station to clean all of the trays we’ll be using this season and to prep a handful for planting.

It’s a little early yet to get many of our veggies started in the greenhouse, but we sowed one tray each of lettuce, kale, spinach, beets, and barese Swiss chard.

We had also gotten the germination heating mat set up to keep the trays warm until the seeds start growing. However, no heating pad was required while the sun was shining on a 68 degree day; the temperature of the potting soil in the seedling trays was around 80 degrees even with the greenhouse sides all the way up and the door open.

1 thought on “Farm update – 1/6/2019”

  1. That seems like a lot of work to seed such vegetables in cells. I prefer to sow most seed directly, both because the seedlings in cells can be damaged by transplant, and also because I do not want the extra step in planting. I know that your climate is very different, and affects when things can be sown outside.


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