2019, January

Farm update – 1/13/2019

In addition to the bounty of farm-fresh veggies we grow, the farm also provides much of the meat we eat. Part of the annual cycle of the farm revolves around deer hunting season. Every October, we visit each stand to ready it for the coming season, adding camouflage fabric where necessary to conceal our later presence. Throughout the season, as weather and schedules allow, there’s the ritual of gathering the hunting gear and heading out to the stand to sit and wait and watch. Following a successful hunt comes the routine of processing the deer. It’ll age for about a week before becoming more recognizable as food: ground meat, kabobs, steaks. This part of the annual cycle of farm life isn’t taken lightly, recognizing that responsible and sustainable hunting nourishes us throughout the year, and is also an important component of the land management of the farm.

As with so much in recent months, hunting was relegated to the back burner while we dealt with hurricane recovery. One stand had been blown over in the hurricane, and was finally set aright last weekend. Access to other stands continues to be blocked by flooding from December’s rains. Today was the last day of the 2018-2019 deer season, so there was some pressure this weekend to be out hunting. With much gratitude, we were successful in getting a deer to restock our venison supply for the coming year.

Back in vegetable land, the seeds planted last weekend are already sprouting (except spinach, which is slow) and it’s so fun to see them emerge and grow a little bit more each day. We planted a flat of broccoli and will continue planting a variety of veggies each weekend over the next 4-5 weeks.

Baby lettuce seedlings just emerging

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