2019, January

Farm update – 1/21/2019

Surprise, rainbow carrots are back! These carrots were planted the weekend before Hurricane Michael. Based on how long carrots take to mature (generally 70 days), they should have been ready to harvest around mid-December. However, the rather small carrot tops have not given us the impression that they were growing toward maturity, so we’ve basically ignored them, thinking they had become yet another casualty of the hurricane and December’s gray and wet weather. And yet, hoping that maybe we could at least get some baby carrots, once we started harvesting them, lo and behold, full grown carrots started coming up out of the ground. What a nice surprise!

Sowing additional seeds for spring planting was high on the to-do list this weekend, with a focus on greens. All this week we’ll get to watch for the emergence of Chinese cabbage, tatsoi, bok choy, Swiss chard, mini-romaine, and (new this year!) broccoli rabe. I was grateful this chilly and windy (but beautifully sunny) weekend to have such a good excuse to spend so much time working in a tropically warm and completely wind-free greenhouse. No wonder it’s one of my favorite places on the farm.

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