2019, February

Farm update – 2/3/2019

Rain, rain, go away…!

We didn’t get our kale and lettuce planted this weekend because even the raised beds are too wet to add compost, flip, and level them. It has continued to be a wet, wet winter. And if the raised beds are too wet to work up, you know the ground is too. We’ve been planning to till up some fallow ground to rotate our field crops into, but the ground hasn’t been dry enough for us to get started on that project.

Despite the rain, we did catch a break on the cold. Last week’s forecast had us dropping into the mid-20s, but we only got down to 27 or 28. It was cold enough to make some of the leaf tips die back on the greens and onions. Everything survived, however, even if growth was minimal this week. The week ahead should help dry things out with highs in the 60s and 70s and minimal rain.

We harvested the last of the rainbow carrots this weekend. It’s always fun harvesting carrots because you never know exactly what you’re going to pull up. This week we were rewarded with lovingly entwined rainbow carrots, a cute treat.

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