2019, February

Farm update – 2/17/2019

Planting! It surely is one of my favorite farm activities. With the cooperation of some lovely weather, we accomplished all of our planting chores this weekend, and got a head start on next week’s plantings by getting some extra raised beds ready. Potatoes were the number one priority this week to keep them on the schedule we observe every year: plant at Valentine’s Day, harvest at Mother’s Day. We make our potato beds do double duty by planting radishes or greens between the potato rows. Radishes and baby greens can grow from seed to being ready to harvest before the potato vines would overtake them. It’s a nice pairing, and we definitely appreciate getting the extra use of the space. In addition to the radishes and Asian greens that were planted with the potatoes, we also planted carrots and arugula this weekend.

Planting potatoes

The chickens must know it’s springtime too, as most of them have ended their winter molt and have resumed laying eggs. Even our blue egg laying ladies are back in production after taking what seemed like an extended and simultaneous vacation.

Taken together, all signs point to spring’s arrival. We’ll probably get some more freezing weather before all is said and done, but warm days ahead with chances of rain should mean good growing conditions for our young veggies.

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