2019, February

Farm update – 2/24/2019

It was another planting-fest this weekend! Tat soi, Chinese cabbage, bok choy, barese Swiss chard, a greens mix, and mini-romaine, about 400 plants in all, just about filled up our raised beds. We have a couple of beds left to plant in carrots and the beds will be full for the season.

Lettuces and greens ready to be planted

The lettuce and kale that were transplanted out about 10 days ago look fantastic! I can’t believe how much they’ve grown, and I’m optimistic that we’ll be harvesting from them next weekend.

The ground dried up enough (well, before this morning’s downpour) that we tilled the lower section of our current field to make space for the spring row crops (beets, turnips, broccoli), which we’ll plant in the next week or two.

Freshly tilled field

We even were finally able to get started on creating a new field, which will be for the summer veggies since the weather didn’t cooperate to get it ready in time for spring.

Even though we keep moving plants out of the greenhouse, we’re continually sowing seeds and keeping the greenhouse in use. This weekend we planted another flat of mini-romaine, nasturtiums, pea shoots, as well as a spicy micro mix and micro lettuces.

Sowing nasturtium seeds

If all of that wasn’t exciting enough, this week we finally got to say goodbye to the tarps that have been keeping the copious winter rains outside of our houses. 19 weeks after Hurricane Michael, it’s good to get another reminder of the storm’s damage out of sight.

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