2019, March

Farm update – 3/3/2019

More rain this past week is continuing to delay our field planting, but we were able to plant our second round of potatoes today, just as the potatoes planted two weeks ago are starting to emerge above the soil.

Potatoes peeking out between rows of radishes and Chinese cabbage

As hoped, we were able to start picking our salad medley and rainbow kale this weekend. It’s so exciting to have fresh spring greens this early in the year. I had to look back at last year’s records to remind myself that we planted the lettuces a full month earlier this year than last year. That explains why last year we didn’t harvest the first lettuce leaf until April. There is a bit of a risk in planting that early, namely in the form of a hard freeze. And yet, somehow we managed to breeze through February without a single night below 32 degrees. Two nights this upcoming week might get down to 31, but that should not be enough to cause any serious problems for the veggies we’ve planted so far.

It’s fun to now have planting and harvesting records from several years to look back at. It’s been a great guide for what we’re capable of growing throughout the year. It’s also dynamic, getting updated each year as we try new things and have different weather patterns. This year’s records will show that it’s definitely worth the effort to get some greens in the ground early!

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