2019, March

Farm update – 3/17/2019

The river birch and tulip poplar trees in our yard are beginning to leaf out, so if spring wasn’t evident enough before it certainly is now.

The spring veggies are continuing to come in nicely. We got a plentiful harvest today from our beds of looseleaf lettuce medley and mesclun, a combination of greens including kale, Chinese cabbage, bok choy, tat soi, mustard, mizuna, and arugula. The beds of head lettuce, Asian greens, green onions, and green garlic should be ready to harvest in the next couple of weeks, and then we’ll be in full swing. We’ve planted more lettuces and mesclun in the greenhouse to see if we can get a second crop of greens in this year to extend their harvest.

Red and green mini-heads of romaine lettuce

Besides farm work, we also burned a huge pile of debris that largely consisted of two gigantic red cedars that were victims of the hurricane. With that visual reminder gone, and trees leafing out for the first time since the hurricane prematurely stripped their foliage, it’s really beginning to feel like the hurricane effects are behind us. Almost all the veggies we had planted before or immediately after the hurricane have been pulled up, replaced by a new crop which is flourishing. It is a relief to be out from under the shadow of hurricane Michael, though we won’t soon forgot its effects on us.

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