2019, March

Farm update – 3/24/2019

Almost always, the most fun part of writing a weekly blog post is taking the time to reflect on the week’s work, putting it in perspective of where we came from and where we’re heading with farm work. Because while seasons may last three months, no two weeks are the same on the farm, even within a single season. Change is ever constant.

Today’s enjoyment is a little different. Today, the best thing about writing for the blog is that I get to sit while I work on it. We had the day off from farm work yesterday, which meant we had to fit two days of chores in today. I got an activity tracker a few months back, and it’s interesting to see how farm work adds up. 12 hours of work. 5 miles walked. 7 hours of exercise. A full 29 minutes for a lunch break, my longest period of inactivity. Until this luxurious respite.

We knew we couldn’t accomplish everything we wanted to, so we made a prioritized list of activities. Priority number one: Harvest, lots. We put our greens bubbler to good use, which was the only way we were able to harvest and wash so many leafy greens.

Priorities two, three, and four: Prepare raised beds and field rows where we intend to plant out lettuce and nasturtiums. Plant new crop of microgreens. Till new field area. As the sun was setting, just a tad more than 12 hours after we began, we actually crossed the final item off the list. Sure, there’s more we could have done, time permitting. We could have actually transplanted out the lettuce and nasturtiums, but now the hard part is done, and in just a few minutes one night this week, we can get those in the ground. But it was great to get everything checked off our list today, and if you check out our online farmer’s market, you’ll see that our hard work paid off. However, sitting here and typing away is pretty great too!

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