Farm update – 3/31/2019

This weekend was all about harvesting, laying out our new field, and ongoing greenhouse plantings. On the harvesting side, we harvested the first of the Chinese cabbage and the first heads of mini-romaine. We continued to harvest so many other greens too, including bok choy, arugula, mesclun, and spinach.

We sent soil from our new field to be tested this week, and it came back much as expected based on soil tests from our original field: very high in calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus; pH of 6.6; 2.5% organic matter. Should be a productive little place for us this summer. Measuring in at about 1/20th of an acre, it will grow this year’s squash, zucchini, okra, and tomatoes. We began the layout of the new field by laying a perimeter of ground cloth. Over the years, we’ve come to realize this perimeter is necessary to prevent the encroachment of weeds into the field rows.

From there, it was on to laying out the planting rows. We had three-week-old squash and zucchini ready to be moved out of the greenhouse, so they were the priority. Three rows of ground cloth and some soil amendments later, the plants were in the ground.

Squash ready to be transplanted out

Once the afternoon rain set in, it was time to move to the greenhouse. Each week we’ve been planting a fresh crop of pea shoots, spicy microgreens, and micro lettuces.

Pea shoots, from oldest (l) to youngest (r)

This week we had the additional task of potting up our youngest tomatoes. These three-week-old seedlings were ready to move up from planting flats into individual cells. The older tomatoes were potted up into individual containers about three weeks ago and are ready anytime now to move out to the field.

Tomatoes pre- and post-potting up

Next weekend should bring the first harvests of barese Swiss chard and radishes, and more planting for summer too!

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