2019, April

Farm update – 4/7/2019

We continue having amazingly bountiful harvests each week, though greens will begin tapering out in the next few weeks. This week’s crop included Chinese cabbage, spinach, arugula, beautiful heads of mini-romaine lettuce, and the first radishes and baby hakurei turnips of the season.

We worked hard during the evenings last week to lay out more new field rows and get the first tomatoes and peppers planted before the rain arrived. Three rows of tomatoes and a bed of peppers were planted Thursday, then got watered in with a bit more than a half inch of rain. The other planting we were going to do this weekend, however, got put on hold by yesterday’s 1.5 inches of rain. Peppers, eggplant, and okra will get planted as soon as the ground dries out enough. Cucumbers and edamame won’t be far behind, once we have space to plant them.

To go along with all the greens, the chickens are doing their part and are continuing to lay an abundance of eggs. One lady got especially ambitious this week and laid a two-for-one special: her egg weighed in at nearly a quarter of a pound, very close to twice what a standard large egg should weigh. Suffice it to say that that egg did not fit inside a regular egg carton!

Super jumbo egg!

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