2019, April

Farm update – 4/14/2019

Baby chicks were this week’s highlight, as they always are each spring when the fluffy little creatures arrive on the farm. We’ll add 8 to this year’s flock, a mix of our favorites layers: Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshires, and Americanas.

They explored their home, found their food and water, got warm under the heat lamp, and sought shelter in the corner of their pen whenever a strange giant came to check on them. All in the life of a baby chick.

While we weren’t watching the chicks, we did manage to get some other farm work done. Quite a bit, in fact. We planted five beds of peppers and managed to get cages on all of them before the rain and wind arrived mid-morning. We harvested the first fresh onions of the season, and full-size hakurei turnips, plus lots of spinach, lettuce, radishes, and microgreens.

Hakurei turnips

We’re thrilled with the hakurei turnips this year. The greens are beautiful and the roots full, and we’ve had no problems with bugs. Cabbage beetles have destroyed the greens in years past, but these have been magically pest free, which is always nice. We didn’t even give them any attention this year after planting, just put a row cover on them and walked away until it was time to pull out some baby turnips. We did not successionally plant them this year, so next week’s turnip harvest will likely already be the last. As always with seasonal produce, the trick is to savor them while they’re available, however long or short that season may be.

Planting tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, zucchini, and a few more peppers will keep us busy during the evenings this upcoming week, but it is definitely time to get them in the ground.

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