2019, April

Farm update – 4/21/2019

The summer veggies are steadily getting planted! During the evenings this week, we tackled planting squash and zucchini one night, cucumbers and okra another night, finished laying out the remainder of the new field another night, and after the weekend harvest was complete, we planted eggplant, more peppers and cucumbers, and a test bed of green, yellow, and purple bush beans.

About all that remains to be planted are more tomatoes (nearly 40 more!). Once planting is finally complete, we’ll get a little bit of a breather until the summer veggies are ready to harvest. Then sets in a very different routine. Whereas the spring veggies are harvested once a week and generally require quite a bit of post-harvest processing, the summer veggies need to be harvested daily, but can go from field to fridge almost immediately. The earliest summer veggies aren’t too far off, as attested to by these baby zucchini.

We harvested the last of the hakurei turnips this week, but also the first beets and the first lettuce medley from a new bed of mixed red and green romaine, oakleaf, and salad bowl lettuces. The first harvest of carrots should follow in a couple of weeks, and not long after that we’ll already be digging potatoes!

On top of all that, we made weekend deliveries to SoHo in Thomasville (to bring them a second order of cheese boards and our first-ever produce delivery to them, exciting!) and to The American in Bainbridge for their special wine pairing dinner this Tuesday. We’re excited to be on the menu for this event along with other local producers like Grady Ranch and Peace Valley.

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