2019, May

Farm update – 5/12/2019

Work this weekend had to be done before, between, and after the frequent and sometimes intense rain showers that started Thursday evening and continued through this afternoon. The nearly 1.5 inch deluge that fell Friday resulted in temporary flooding in the low spot of our new field, home to lots of tomatoes. An emergency tomato-tying-up session was also required to stand them back up, out of the water.

We finished digging the first two potato beds that were planted and got quite a pretty haul of potatoes. Equally pretty were the latest rounds of rainbow carrots and onions. The last of the lettuce was harvested as well, essentially marking the end of greens season. All the rain looks like it will help produce a bumper crop of squash and zucchini this week, and we’ll be harvesting the first cucumbers very soon!

Digging potatoes

The other excitement of the week is that our chicks graduated from their indoor digs to life outdoors. They seemed simultaneously thrilled and a bit confused to have a grain patch to wander around in and/or nibble on. They seem to have adjusted well though, even through all the rain.

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