2019, May

Farm update – 5/19/2019

We planted okra, basil, and edamame this weekend, so we continue closing in on the end of summer planting season. Sweet potatoes and peanuts are all that remain to be planted, and they simply are waiting for the carrots and potatoes to come up to take their place.

This weekend we harvested potatoes, carrots, the last of the onions, and the first garlic bulbs. Picking squash and zucchini is now ingrained into our daily evening chores, and cucumbers are just starting to produce to the point where they’ll get added into the daily harvest routine too. A few precocious peppers are hinting that they want to be picked soon; perhaps pepper medleys are not all that far away. Little green tomatoes are everywhere to be seen, but patience is required with them because every year it seems to take forever for the first green tomatoes to ripen. Maybe if I’d stop watching them like the proverbial watched pot…

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