2019, May

Farm update – 5/27/2019

It may be Memorial Day, but it feels more like we’re about to turn the calendar over to July rather than June. Despite that, we hope everyone had a good holiday weekend, and that in addition to unofficially kicking off summer, that there was time to reflect and to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in serving the country.

Because of the hot weather, we cleaned up and closed down the greenhouse until summer is over. In doing so, we’re about two weeks ahead of when we shut down greenhouse operations last year, a testament to the warmer weather we’ve been having recently. And although the squash, zucchini, and cucumbers are still producing, we can tell the heat is taking its toll there too.

Cleaned and closed, until the weather cools

We harvested carrots this weekend, and will finish them off with one final harvest next weekend. We dug the last potatoes too, and left them unwashed to ensure that they will keep well. In a dark, reasonably cool area, they’ll keep three months or more, so now is a great time to store some extra away.

Summer veggies are coming along nicely. The okra is about knee high, but no flowers yet. Flowers are abundant on the black beauty eggplant, and we just noticed the first eggplant forming today. And of course, we continue keeping an eye on all those green tomatoes. Peppers win the race though, as the first summer veggies we’re harvesting. We were able to harvest a few sweet banana, green bell, and gypsy sweet peppers, with hopefully many more to follow.

Eggplant flowers and ripening tomatoes!

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