2019, June

Farm update – 6/16/2019

Tomatoes, okra, and beans are really picking up production now. This is the first year we've grown green beans (granted ours are a mix of not only green but yellow and purple too) and I'm loving picking them. I haven't picked green beans since I was a kid, and being in the bean patch brings… Continue reading Farm update – 6/16/2019

2019, June

Farm update – 6/9/2019

It finally started raining again after 24 (hot!) days without rain. It's rained a little bit each day for 4 days now, though today's 3/4 of an inch probably qualifies as more than a bit. And we still have rain in the forecast for two more days! Looking at national temperature and precipitation maps shows… Continue reading Farm update – 6/9/2019

2019, June

Farm update – 6/2/2019

June! June on the farm for me means two things: pickles and tomatoes. The former is a delight that lasts all year, while the latter is savored in the moment, often only for a few short weeks. We kicked June off right, making 12 quarts of dill pickles this weekend. We'll probably do two more… Continue reading Farm update – 6/2/2019