2019, June

Farm update – 6/2/2019

June! June on the farm for me means two things: pickles and tomatoes. The former is a delight that lasts all year, while the latter is savored in the moment, often only for a few short weeks.

We kicked June off right, making 12 quarts of dill pickles this weekend. We’ll probably do two more makings of pickles to ensure a full year’s supply, but it’s reassuring to have that first batch ready to go when needed.

June 1 is the date that sticks in my head as being about when the first tomatoes start getting ripe. This year didn’t disappoint! I’ve been able to pluck a few sun golds from the vine the past few days at harvest time. They, of course, didn’t make it back from the field to be packaged, but soon enough we should be picking more cherry tomatoes than I can eat in a day.

The final carrots and green garlic were harvested yesterday, which officially concludes the spring season. Our sweet potatoes immediately replaced the carrots, and are poised to take off. We’ve never grown sweet potatoes in our raised beds, but we’re experimenting with it this year to see how much it improves our ability to harvest them in the fall. It’s hard to know how many, but we definitely leave a lot of sweet potatoes in the field when we grow them directly in the ground. The looser soil of the raised beds should allow us to dig a much higher percentage of the crop. We know that managing the sprawling vines might be a challenge, but we’ll work with them throughout the summer to tame them back as needed. We’ll see how this experiment goes, and report back in October!

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