2019, June

Farm update – 6/9/2019

It finally started raining again after 24 (hot!) days without rain. It’s rained a little bit each day for 4 days now, though today’s 3/4 of an inch probably qualifies as more than a bit. And we still have rain in the forecast for two more days! Looking at national temperature and precipitation maps shows that the Southeast as a whole experienced a very different May from much of the rest of the country. While we were abnormally hot and dry, many other places were uncharacteristically cool and wet.

We have been reminded of how quickly weeds grow in the summer. We do better each year at laying veggies out in a way that minimizes the amount of weeding that has to be done. From fall through spring, very little work is required to keep the field and gardens neat. But come summer, the weeds grow like, well, weeds in our raised beds. Some of the beds have been weeded three times in the past week and a half, but those and some semi-out-of-control okra rows have been fully tamed back.

Once we caught up on weed maintenance, we transitioned indoors to preserve some of the bounty of the season. That included making another 13 quarts of pickles, as well as canning 7 quarts of potatoes. It’s nice having canned potatoes on hand, especially in September and early October in the lull between the summer and fall seasons. My meals at that time generally center around eggs and peppers, so the potatoes as well as any squash, tomatoes, onions, or other veggies that were frozen earlier in the year, are able to add a bit of variety to what’s fresh from the field.

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