2019, June

Farm update – 6/16/2019

Tomatoes, okra, and beans are really picking up production now. This is the first year we’ve grown green beans (granted ours are a mix of not only green but yellow and purple too) and I’m loving picking them. I haven’t picked green beans since I was a kid, and being in the bean patch brings back so many memories. Picking beans with my dad in our small garden next to my “fort” at my childhood home. Being at my grandparents house and running the kitchen scraps (in an old metal coffee can) out to the compost pile at their garden that overlooked a historic flour mill on the scenic Otter Tail River and snacking on a few freshly picked beans before returning the empty compost bin to the house. It’s memories like these, in addition to sharing meals with families and friends, that makes food so much more than simple nourishment. And part of the great reward of what we do is hearing the food stories, and seeing the photos of meals made with Calamint Farms produce, from all of you who enjoy the bounty of our farm just as much as we do. So thanks!

Green bean patch… Thanks for the memories!

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