2019, June

Farm update – 6/30/2019

As we close out June, we’re also getting close to the end of some of our early summer veggies, notably cucumbers, squash, and zucchini. These historically last to the end of the first week in July, so we’re right about on schedule. Several weeks back when it was so hot, we were worried they wouldn’t last until anywhere near July, but they came through it ok. Part of our work this weekend was removing plants that clearly had run out of steam, which, though bittersweet, really helps clean up and simplify other farm chores like harvesting.

Even as those veggies wind down, the seasonal cycle means that some of the other crops are gearing up. We harvested the first of our Asian eggplant, a light purple Taiwanese variety called Ping Tung Long. Edamame is not too far behind, hopefully. Lots of pods have formed but need to fill out before they’re ready for harvest.

Ping Tung Long eggplant

Another component of this weekend was to mow our cover crop patch. It had seemingly gone from knee-high to fully mature and seeding during my few days away last week. Mowing it down to two feet or so will encourage greater root development, penetrating and loosening the soil to a greater depth. We’ll let it resprout to continue controlling weeds and adding organic matter to that section of the field before mowing it again in 4-6 weeks.

Cover crop, before and after

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