2019, July

Farm update – 7/14/2019

Although the vast variety of spring greens are just a memory, and the fall planting of greens looms two months ahead, there is one leafy green that’s here to stay for the summer. And it’s an odd one, admittedly, if you’ve never thought about eating it before: sweet potato greens. But they’re perfectly edible, and actually incredibly nutritious, too. Not to mention one of the only greens that can withstand Georgia heat. Sweet potato greens are excellent sauteed with some garlic and soy sauce, stir fried with other summer veggies, or served in coconut cream as in this recipe which I’ve yet to try but will definitely be on the menu in the near future.

We continued removing plants that have finished producing. The rest of the squash and zucchini were pulled, along with all of our tomatoes. It’s sad to let them go after just six weeks of harvesting, but they sure were savored while they lasted.

Both varieties of eggplant are in full summer production mode, so I roasted them for a dinner side dish along with some of the last squash and zucchini. A bit of olive oil and some salt and pepper was all it took to make the flavors shine. It’s one of the great secrets of truly fresh vegetables: they retain so much more flavor than their grocery store counterparts.

The runt of the litter this summer is the edamame. To be fair, though, I suppose we did plant it quite a bit later than everything else. But it’s definitely taking its time filling out pods while we patiently await the first harvest. But you can believe I’m keeping a watch on them!

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