2019, July

Farm update – 7/21/2019

Edamame falls into the category of things we grow because it’s hard to find them in local stores, certainly not fresh. And it’s one of my favorite vegetable snacks. All it takes is to boil or steam them for about 5 minutes, drain, and sprinkle with kosher salt. Popping the edamame out of the (inedible) shell makes it fun in addition. Of course they’re even more versatile when cooked, cooled, and shelled, but I always seem to just eat them right away.

But what is edamame? It’s in the pea family (which means it’s packed with protein), and in fact is an immature soybean. It’s picked when green and sweet, unlike soybeans which are dry and beige in color when harvested. These tasty treats are available now and should be around through all of August.

Steamed and salted, a quick and healthy snack

When thinking about the differences between summer and spring/fall growing seasons, somehow I never think about rain. But the last few weeks have reminded me of how often the summer harvests take place during rain events or else in a rush before or after thunderstorms roll through. Today’s passing shower delayed the evening harvest, but rewarded us with a rainbow smiling down upon the okra harvest.

According to the forecast for the week ahead, a cold front will sweep through, giving us a high temperature of 78 on Wednesday. 70s! As a high! Even if Wednesday manages to sneak into the low 80s, it’s cooled me off just to contemplate an average April day sneaking up on us in late July.

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