2019, August

Farm update – 8/4/2019

Sometimes when we don’t write out a to-do list, it gets written for us. Like when a pecan limb falls overnight and takes out our grape vine.

That’s not supposed to be there!

This is the second limb that’s fallen from this same pecan tree in this same location. The previous limb hit and broke the fencepost supporting the grapevine. This time, somehow, the limb missed the fencepost, the okra, and the nearest raised bed (all close calls!). What wasn’t as clear though was whether the grape survived the crushing incident. Although it initially looked like a gigantic mess to clean up, it only took three tractor trips to haul it all off.

Mission #1: remove largest chunk of limb

What’s more, the grape underneath simply laid down underneath the limb and didn’t break. So we stood it up, tied it back to the fencepost, and called it a successful recuse. Minus the loss of a few immature grapes.

Like it never even happened! Except…
…for a few victims of the fallen pecan limb

Now that it’s August, I’ve been checking every day to see if our young chickens have started laying eggs. However, just today I compared notes with last year and realized we got our chicks about three weeks later this year than we did last year, so realistically we probably have another 3-4 weeks before we should be expecting any new eggs. Nonetheless, it’s fun knowing it won’t be too much longer.

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