2019, August

Farm update – 8/18/2019

Even though I had recently talked myself out of expecting our young chickens to start laying eggs in August, we were rewarded with two little eggs this weekend. If I recall correctly, it’s the only year these first-time eggs were laid in a nest box rather than on the ground. But both days the single baby egg was nestled into the pine flakes of the nest box, making it seem like it wasn’t a fluke occurrence.

This weekend’s slightly cooler (or maybe it just felt cooler after several days of afternoon heat advisories?) weather allowed us to play catch up with some general maintenance tasks we’ve been putting off – mainly weeding and pulling crops that are done producing. Green beans and edamame were on that list, and okra, especially the Clemson Spineless variety, unfortunately won’t be far behind.

Also on the docket this weekend was a pesto making extravaganza. I wish I’d weighed the quantity of basil that went into the blender. A lot, at a minimum. Other than swapping purple basil in for traditional basil, I actually followed a fairly standard pesto recipe this year, and it turned out delicious. I’m looking forward to having pesto dressings and sauces on salad, pasta, pizza, crackers, and more.

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