2019, April

Farm update – 4/14/2019

Baby chicks were this week's highlight, as they always are each spring when the fluffy little creatures arrive on the farm. We'll add 8 to this year's flock, a mix of our favorites layers: Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshires, and Americanas. They explored their home, found their food and water, got warm under the heat… Continue reading Farm update – 4/14/2019

2019, April

Farm update – 4/7/2019

We continue having amazingly bountiful harvests each week, though greens will begin tapering out in the next few weeks. This week's crop included Chinese cabbage, spinach, arugula, beautiful heads of mini-romaine lettuce, and the first radishes and baby hakurei turnips of the season. We worked hard during the evenings last week to lay out more… Continue reading Farm update – 4/7/2019


Farm update – 3/31/2019

This weekend was all about harvesting, laying out our new field, and ongoing greenhouse plantings. On the harvesting side, we harvested the first of the Chinese cabbage and the first heads of mini-romaine. We continued to harvest so many other greens too, including bok choy, arugula, mesclun, and spinach. We sent soil from our new… Continue reading Farm update – 3/31/2019

2019, March

Farm update – 3/24/2019

Almost always, the most fun part of writing a weekly blog post is taking the time to reflect on the week's work, putting it in perspective of where we came from and where we're heading with farm work. Because while seasons may last three months, no two weeks are the same on the farm, even… Continue reading Farm update – 3/24/2019

2019, March

Farm update – 3/17/2019

The river birch and tulip poplar trees in our yard are beginning to leaf out, so if spring wasn't evident enough before it certainly is now. The spring veggies are continuing to come in nicely. We got a plentiful harvest today from our beds of looseleaf lettuce medley and mesclun, a combination of greens including… Continue reading Farm update – 3/17/2019