2019, August

Farm update – 8/25/2019

We're going to do something this year that we've never done before. After this week, we're going to close down the farm until mid-October. September is always a slow month for veggie production anyway, so we're going to enjoy a little time off before ramping back up for fall. We couldn't convince our chickens to… Continue reading Farm update – 8/25/2019

2019, August

Farm update – 8/18/2019

Even though I had recently talked myself out of expecting our young chickens to start laying eggs in August, we were rewarded with two little eggs this weekend. If I recall correctly, it's the only year these first-time eggs were laid in a nest box rather than on the ground. But both days the single… Continue reading Farm update – 8/18/2019

2019, August

Farm update – 8/11/2019

This year we have had a Pepper Problem. We've been producing a lot of peppers, so that's not exactly the problem. The real problem is that we planted 14 varieties of peppers, and we're only reliably harvesting from 5 of them. The 9 we're not harvesting from, purple and orange bell peppers, Anaheim, Marconi, gypsy… Continue reading Farm update – 8/11/2019

2019, August

Farm update – 8/4/2019

Sometimes when we don't write out a to-do list, it gets written for us. Like when a pecan limb falls overnight and takes out our grape vine. This is the second limb that's fallen from this same pecan tree in this same location. The previous limb hit and broke the fencepost supporting the grapevine. This… Continue reading Farm update – 8/4/2019

2019, July

Farm update – 7/28/2019

Every year we try out a few new crops or new varieties of things we've always grown. It's a constant experiment to find what is suitable for our climate and productive enough to earn a permanent spot on the planting plan. Okra is a staple of our summer production, and one that we're testing a… Continue reading Farm update – 7/28/2019