2019, May

Farm update – 5/19/2019

We planted okra, basil, and edamame this weekend, so we continue closing in on the end of summer planting season. Sweet potatoes and peanuts are all that remain to be planted, and they simply are waiting for the carrots and potatoes to come up to take their place. This weekend we harvested potatoes, carrots, the… Continue reading Farm update – 5/19/2019

2019, May

Farm update – 5/12/2019

Work this weekend had to be done before, between, and after the frequent and sometimes intense rain showers that started Thursday evening and continued through this afternoon. The nearly 1.5 inch deluge that fell Friday resulted in temporary flooding in the low spot of our new field, home to lots of tomatoes. An emergency tomato-tying-up… Continue reading Farm update – 5/12/2019

2019, May

Farm update – 5/5/2019

This was a great week for first veggie harvests of the season! We took a few early carrots, the squash and zucchini are ramping up production, and we even got into the potato beds and dug some beautiful potatoes. Carrots and potatoes will stick around for a few weeks, while squash and zucchini should be… Continue reading Farm update – 5/5/2019

2019, April

Farm update – 4/28/2019

We were involved in two exciting events this week. The first was a special wine pairing dinner at The American in Bainbridge. As always, Chef Tyler did an outstanding job of pulling together fresh and local ingredients in combinations only a chef could conjure up, but which paired superbly. It was a four course meal,… Continue reading Farm update – 4/28/2019

2019, April

Farm update – 4/21/2019

The summer veggies are steadily getting planted! During the evenings this week, we tackled planting squash and zucchini one night, cucumbers and okra another night, finished laying out the remainder of the new field another night, and after the weekend harvest was complete, we planted eggplant, more peppers and cucumbers, and a test bed of… Continue reading Farm update – 4/21/2019