2018, May

Farm update – 5/20/2018

We continue to keep ourselves busy with seemingly endless harvests - this weekend was potatoes, onions, and carrots, which, coincidentally enough, make up this week's Whole Farm basket. But that's not all we're harvesting! Yellow squash, zucchini, snow peas, Swiss chard, kale, and a wide assortment of herbs continue coming in too, as well as… Continue reading Farm update – 5/20/2018

2018, May

Farm update – 5/13/2018

We stay busy with farm work, I think that much is clear in these weekly installments of farm updates. But we stay busy behind the scenes too, and that's what this week's update is all about. Today being one of the hottest days of the year to date, we spent some of those sweltering hours… Continue reading Farm update – 5/13/2018

2018, May

Farm update – 5/6/2018

This weekend saw a flurry of harvest activity! We decided to let the potatoes go one more week, but we started pulling onions, some of which we have available as fresh onions this week and some of which are curing to be available later as storage onions. We have been picking snow peas daily, and… Continue reading Farm update – 5/6/2018

2018, April

Farm update – 4/29/2018

As we're about to close the book on April, it's clear that we are reaching that transition period between spring and summer crops. Not only is the weather telling us that summer is near (hello 90s by mid-week!), but the veggies are too. We pulled up the last of the Japanese turnips, and made the… Continue reading Farm update – 4/29/2018

2018, April

Farm update – 4/22/2018

Another Sunday, another rainy day. 2018 sure seems to want to be remembered for its rainy Sundays. The rain held off late enough into the afternoon that we were able to fill our farm fridge with a bounty of veggies for the upcoming week: lettuces, arugula, cabbages, carrots, tatsoi, pea shoots, turnips, and more! This… Continue reading Farm update – 4/22/2018