2018, November

Farm update – 11/18/2018

Despite the unusual events of September's heat and October's hurricane, November's first freeze came exactly on time, and yet somehow managed to catch us off guard. This time last week, the forecast for the upcoming week showed temperatures no lower than low-40s. As the week went on, however, Friday morning's low kept creeping downward. By… Continue reading Farm update – 11/18/2018

2018, November

Farm update – 11/11/2018

Our weekend work continues to be mainly focused on hurricane cleanup, and farm work is definitely taking a bit of a back seat. Nevertheless, we harvested three new items this week: baby arugula, pea shoots, and Jerusalem artichokes. Jerusalem artichokes (also known as sunchokes) are one of the more unique vegetables we grow. Also, in… Continue reading Farm update – 11/11/2018

2018, November

Farm update – 11/4/2018

November already! This has been an off-kilter fall for sure. Between the warmth of September (much above average mean temperatures, and record warmest minimum temperatures) and losing October to hurricane Michael, nothing on the farm has gone exactly as planned. As I look at pictures from previous years' fall harvests, I can't help but notice… Continue reading Farm update – 11/4/2018

2018, October

Farm update – 10/28/2018

12 days and 2 hours (yes, we were counting) after losing power as Hurricane Michael began pushing ashore, we finally got power back. Just about 12 hours later, we took off for a work conference in Louisiana where we spent a couple of days with old and new friends sharing information about longleaf pine ecosystem… Continue reading Farm update – 10/28/2018

2018, October

Farm update – 10/21/2018

This has been a long and busy week. One of continued hurricane clean up and recovery, of tending to the noisy, hungry generators that are allowing us to cling to our status as dwellers of modern civilization, of acclimating to cold showers and eating dinner in the dark. We carved out time to begin replanting… Continue reading Farm update – 10/21/2018