2018, September

Farm update – 9/16/2018

This weekend we dug three beds of peanuts, which ended up being a good task because of the warm weather that's still enveloping us. Lifting them out of the ground goes pretty quickly. Once dug, we shake the soil off and take the plants in their entirety back to the barn, where we turn some… Continue reading Farm update – 9/16/2018

2018, September

Farm update – 9/9/2018

The abundance of peppers during our summer season means that we get to try each pepper in a lot of different recipes. And each variety has some feature that makes it perfect for a given recipe. Lunchbox peppers are sweet and crunchy and make a satisfying snack. Anaheims are the right size and add a… Continue reading Farm update – 9/9/2018

2018, September

Farm update – 9/3/2018

Happy Labor Day! We seem to have an annual tradition going now of enjoying a home-grown, completely volunteer watermelon on Labor Day. This year, the watermelon grew right by the pool, so it may be a direct descendent of last year's Labor Day watermelon, which was eaten poolside. Aside from keeping the vines from growing… Continue reading Farm update – 9/3/2018

2018, August

Farm update – 8/26/2018

I spent part of the weekend in Atlanta, and got to have dinner with friends at a farm-to-table restaurant. Their menu was fun to read, with one whole page dedicated to describing their farm partners. These partners ranged from South Carolina (rice) to Florida (strawberries) to Louisiana (seafood) and all throughout Georgia (including southwest Georgia!),… Continue reading Farm update – 8/26/2018

2018, August

Farm update – 8/19/2018

The rain yesterday and today allowed me to spend some quality time with a cookbook a friend recently loaned to me. As my friend knew it would be, it's a cookbook perfectly suited for how I live and eat. The cookbook, Six Seasons, was written by a chef-turned-farmer, Joshua McFadden, who learned through farming the… Continue reading Farm update – 8/19/2018