Farm update – 3/31/2019

This weekend was all about harvesting, laying out our new field, and ongoing greenhouse plantings. On the harvesting side, we harvested the first of the Chinese cabbage and the first heads of mini-romaine. We continued to harvest so many other greens too, including bok choy, arugula, mesclun, and spinach. We sent soil from our new… Continue reading Farm update – 3/31/2019

2018, December

Farm update – 2018 year in review

The word cloud below comes from the accumulated writings of this year's blog posts. The larger the word, the more frequently it appeared throughout the year's posts. Among the top words this year: farm veggies planting weekend. Seems like a pretty accurate, concise statement of this year on the farm. We grew more than three… Continue reading Farm update – 2018 year in review

2018, December

Farm update – 12/16/2018

One of this season's new varieties of veggies is a rainbow mix dinosaur kale. It's supposed to be very cold hardy, so hopefully it will be with us all winter. Its mix of blue-green and purple leaves is quite pretty, and they'll be ready to harvest soon as baby kale. As the end of the… Continue reading Farm update – 12/16/2018

2018, December

Farm update – 12/9/2018

Yesterday morning we were out planting garlic when we heard a rattling call from overhead that could mean only one thing: sandhill crane. Oddly, it was one lone crane, its wide wings taking it on lazy loops through the low-slung gray clouds. Work ceased until the graceful bird was out of sight, its presence captivating.… Continue reading Farm update – 12/9/2018

2018, December

Farm update – 12/2/2018

Today was one of those days that Mother Nature stops you and forces you to appreciate all the beauty around. After an overnight drenching of 3 inches of rain (locally up to 9 inches not too far away!), and continually updated thunderstorm warnings and tornado watches throughout the night, stepping outside this morning was like… Continue reading Farm update – 12/2/2018