2019, March

Farm update – 3/3/2019

More rain this past week is continuing to delay our field planting, but we were able to plant our second round of potatoes today, just as the potatoes planted two weeks ago are starting to emerge above the soil. As hoped, we were able to start picking our salad medley and rainbow kale this weekend.… Continue reading Farm update – 3/3/2019

2019, February

Farm update – 2/24/2019

It was another planting-fest this weekend! Tat soi, Chinese cabbage, bok choy, barese Swiss chard, a greens mix, and mini-romaine, about 400 plants in all, just about filled up our raised beds. We have a couple of beds left to plant in carrots and the beds will be full for the season. The lettuce and… Continue reading Farm update – 2/24/2019

2019, February

Farm update – 2/17/2019

Planting! It surely is one of my favorite farm activities. With the cooperation of some lovely weather, we accomplished all of our planting chores this weekend, and got a head start on next week's plantings by getting some extra raised beds ready. Potatoes were the number one priority this week to keep them on the… Continue reading Farm update – 2/17/2019

2019, February

Farm update – 2/10/2019

Valentine's Day is upon us this week, and with it the official start of the planting season. We got the baby lettuce and kale planted this week, but the bigger planting push will come next weekend. Our potato beds are already prepped and ready to be planted. Along with the potatoes we'll also plant radishes,… Continue reading Farm update – 2/10/2019

2019, February

Farm update – 2/3/2019

Rain, rain, go away...! We didn't get our kale and lettuce planted this weekend because even the raised beds are too wet to add compost, flip, and level them. It has continued to be a wet, wet winter. And if the raised beds are too wet to work up, you know the ground is too.… Continue reading Farm update – 2/3/2019