2018, August

Farm update – 8/26/2018

I spent part of the weekend in Atlanta, and got to have dinner with friends at a farm-to-table restaurant. Their menu was fun to read, with one whole page dedicated to describing their farm partners. These partners ranged from South Carolina (rice) to Florida (strawberries) to Louisiana (seafood) and all throughout Georgia (including southwest Georgia!),… Continue reading Farm update – 8/26/2018

2018, August

Farm update – 8/19/2018

The rain yesterday and today allowed me to spend some quality time with a cookbook a friend recently loaned to me. As my friend knew it would be, it's a cookbook perfectly suited for how I live and eat. The cookbook, Six Seasons, was written by a chef-turned-farmer, Joshua McFadden, who learned through farming the… Continue reading Farm update – 8/19/2018

2018, August

Farm update – 8/12/2018

August has become special on the farm for one particular reason: it's typically when the chickens we raised from young chicks begin laying their first eggs. Depending on breed and exactly when we got the chicks in spring, there's some variability in when they will begin laying. But we know in early August that it's… Continue reading Farm update – 8/12/2018

2018, August

Farm update – 8/5/2018

Results are in from last week's survey, and it's no surprise that broccoli and sweet potatoes were top choices for most highly awaited fall veggies. Lettuce, kale, collard greens, arugula, and cauliflower were also high on the list. Thanks for providing that input, it'll definitely help us in deciding how much of which crops to… Continue reading Farm update – 8/5/2018

2017, August

Farm update – 8/27/2017

This week’s Whole Farm basket includes a dozen farm-fresh eggs, plus your choice of one large and one small item from the following lists. Large items: eggplant medley, assorted peppers (1.25 lb), sweet potato greens. Small items: Asian eggplant, edamame, green bell peppers, sweet banana peppers, basil bouquet. It's official, summer tomato season is finally… Continue reading Farm update – 8/27/2017