2018, April, Bees

Farm update – 4/8/2018

This weekend was one of those rare ones where by the end of the day today, we felt pretty caught up on farm chores. I guess we always could have found some more weeding to tackle, but major projects were all completed. We harvested the first row of this year's Japanese turnips, which are a… Continue reading Farm update – 4/8/2018

2018, Bees, February

Farm update – 2/25/2018

Warm enough for you? Last weekend, it seemed like spring was just about to fully arrive. Instead we jumped forward to summer, setting or tying record high temps a couple of days with highs 20 degrees above average. It looks like we'll remain above average this coming week too, but only by 10 degrees! One… Continue reading Farm update – 2/25/2018

2017, August, Bees

Farm update – 8/20/2017

This week’s Whole Farm basket includes a dozen farm-fresh eggs, plus your choice of one large and one small item from the following lists. Large items: eggplant medley, assorted peppers (1.25 lb), sweet potato greens. Small items: Asian eggplant, okra, edamame, green bell peppers, sweet banana peppers, and basil bouquet We took advantage of today's… Continue reading Farm update – 8/20/2017

2017, April, Bees

Farm update – 4/16/2017

This week's Whole Farm basket contains a bundle each of hakurei turnips, small-medium onions with edible greens, and radishes, plus a green of your choice. Choose from: collards (chopped or whole), romaine lettuce, spinach, pea shoots, and bok choy. We are in the prime of hakurei turnip season! We have started harvesting from the second… Continue reading Farm update – 4/16/2017

2017, April, Bees

Farm update – 4/9/2017

We're continuing with our customizable Whole Farm baskets this week, again with two options. Choose from an eggs and greens basket or an all-veggie basket that includes your choice of two greens plus 1 lb of hakurei turnips and a bundle of radishes. For either basket, greens to choose from this week include collards (chopped or… Continue reading Farm update – 4/9/2017