2018, Bees, February

Farm update – 2/25/2018

Warm enough for you? Last weekend, it seemed like spring was just about to fully arrive. Instead we jumped forward to summer, setting or tying record high temps a couple of days with highs 20 degrees above average. It looks like we'll remain above average this coming week too, but only by 10 degrees! One… Continue reading Farm update – 2/25/2018

2018, February

Farm update – 2/18/2018

From the bird songs we've been hearing, to tree buds unfurling to reveal tender green leaves, and these beautiful daffodils that greeted us in the woods as we were heading out to check on the bees, I think the world is alive with the news: Spring is here! A March cold snap is certainly not… Continue reading Farm update – 2/18/2018

2018, February

Farm update – 2/11/2018

Third Sunday in a row of rain! We've gotten nearly 2.5 inches today (and it's still coming down), and we're closing in on 7 inches since the start of our rainy Sundays. Almost needless to say, the field rows did not get established this weekend, as the field is quite soggy at the moment. Next… Continue reading Farm update – 2/11/2018

2018, February

Farm update – 2/4/2018

Granted we've only been using it a week, but I'm absolutely over the moon about our new germination heating mat. Everything that was planted last weekend sprouted in just two or three days. Even better, it kept the seedling flats at about 65 degrees through two nights of freezing temps. Broccoli, lettuce, more kohlrabi, peppers,… Continue reading Farm update – 2/4/2018

2017, February

Farm update – 2/26/2017

We've been busy busy planting spring veggies and inoculating mushroom logs this weekend. Not so busy that we didn't get around to harvesting too, though. In this week's Whole Farm basket, we're packing lots of greens: 5 oz each of arugula and Swiss chard, 6 mini heads of speckled Bibb lettuce (about 6 oz), and… Continue reading Farm update – 2/26/2017