2019, January

Farm update – 1/27/2019

Just three weeks after sowing seeds in the greenhouse, it's already getting to be time to think about transplanting these tender seedlings outdoors. The lettuce and kale sowed at the beginning of the year can be transplanted out next week, and the barese Swiss chard a week or two later. In preparation for transplanting, we'll… Continue reading Farm update – 1/27/2019

2019, January

Farm update – 1/21/2019

Surprise, rainbow carrots are back! These carrots were planted the weekend before Hurricane Michael. Based on how long carrots take to mature (generally 70 days), they should have been ready to harvest around mid-December. However, the rather small carrot tops have not given us the impression that they were growing toward maturity, so we've basically… Continue reading Farm update – 1/21/2019

2019, January

Farm update – 1/13/2019

In addition to the bounty of farm-fresh veggies we grow, the farm also provides much of the meat we eat. Part of the annual cycle of the farm revolves around deer hunting season. Every October, we visit each stand to ready it for the coming season, adding camouflage fabric where necessary to conceal our later… Continue reading Farm update – 1/13/2019

2019, January

Farm update – 1/6/2019

Happy New Year! The beautiful sunshine most of yesterday and all day today made it so wonderful to be outside working. The wind and rain and gray skies of late 2018 were replaced by unseasonably warm weather and, yes, sun! We seized the opportunity to clean out the greenhouse in preparation for planting. We moved… Continue reading Farm update – 1/6/2019

2018, January

Farm update – 1/28/2017

This weekend's weather provided a bit of the best of both worlds. Saturday was a great day for outdoor activity, while today's rain let us focus on getting things done where we could stay warm and dry. And we took advantage of both! Saturday was devoted to pulling up the ground cloth in the portion… Continue reading Farm update – 1/28/2017