2018, July

Farm update – 7/29/2018

As we near August, we're approaching our quiet time of year on the farm. Based on records from years past, we should have okra, eggplant, and basil available for another 4-8 weeks, and will likely keep some peppers around until the first frost, unless we need space to plant other fall crops. Nonetheless, with just… Continue reading Farm update – 7/29/2018

2018, July

Farm update – 7/22/2018

This weekend we said goodbye to the cucumbers and tomatoes, so now everything that remains are our true warm-weather champions: basil, okra, eggplant (Black Beauty and Japanese varieties), and peppers. Our peppers run the gamut from sweet to hot, and have you covered whether you're looking to grill, stuff, fry, saute, or snack on them,… Continue reading Farm update – 7/22/2018

2018, July

Farm update – 7/8/2018

A full week into July now, and we're starting to pull up zucchini, squash, cucumbers, and even tomatoes that have produced all they care to this season. Despite that, we continue to bring in colorful harvests daily, thanks to the steady production of okra, eggplants, and peppers, including our new lunchbox snacking peppers. These small,… Continue reading Farm update – 7/8/2018

2018, July

Farm update – 7/1/2018

Although normally this blog is dedicated to our weekly farm activities, we're going to veer slightly off topic this week. My life basically revolves around plants, both at my "real" job where I study the native plants of the longleaf pine ecosystem, and on the farm where I cultivate, harvest, and consume a wide variety… Continue reading Farm update – 7/1/2018

2017, July

Farm update – 7/30/2017

This week we're having a sale on our 1 lb assorted peppers, and we're offering a Whole Farm basket of assorted peppers, eggplant, and a small bunch of basil (choose from dark opal basil, Thai basil, or a basil medley of several varieties, including those above, plus lime, lemon, holy, sweet Genovese, and/or mammoth basil).… Continue reading Farm update – 7/30/2017