2019, July

Farm update – 7/28/2019

Every year we try out a few new crops or new varieties of things we've always grown. It's a constant experiment to find what is suitable for our climate and productive enough to earn a permanent spot on the planting plan. Okra is a staple of our summer production, and one that we're testing a… Continue reading Farm update – 7/28/2019

2019, July

Farm update – 7/21/2019

Edamame falls into the category of things we grow because it's hard to find them in local stores, certainly not fresh. And it's one of my favorite vegetable snacks. All it takes is to boil or steam them for about 5 minutes, drain, and sprinkle with kosher salt. Popping the edamame out of the (inedible)… Continue reading Farm update – 7/21/2019

2019, July

Farm update – 7/14/2019

Although the vast variety of spring greens are just a memory, and the fall planting of greens looms two months ahead, there is one leafy green that's here to stay for the summer. And it's an odd one, admittedly, if you've never thought about eating it before: sweet potato greens. But they're perfectly edible, and… Continue reading Farm update – 7/14/2019

2019, July

Farm update – 7/7/2019

The 4th of July holiday for us marks the start of the summer slowdown. And after being busy, busy, busy with farm work since early March, it's a welcome change of pace. Working around afternoon rain showers, we spent some time each day relaxing in the pool. We also spent a good bit of time… Continue reading Farm update – 7/7/2019

2018, July

Farm update – 7/29/2018

As we near August, we're approaching our quiet time of year on the farm. Based on records from years past, we should have okra, eggplant, and basil available for another 4-8 weeks, and will likely keep some peppers around until the first frost, unless we need space to plant other fall crops. Nonetheless, with just… Continue reading Farm update – 7/29/2018