2018, June

Farm update – 6/24/2018

As I was photographing the peanut beds this week, capturing the first flowers, I realized that I pretty much take the same photos year after year. I guess I never grow tired of seeing the first potato/okra/peanut/etc. flower, nor the first baby peppers and tomatoes, and so much more. It's part of the magic of… Continue reading Farm update – 6/24/2018

2018, June

Farm update – 6/17/2018

This week has brought archetypal summer weather: heat and humidity, briefly broken by scattered afternoon thunderstorms, followed by even higher humidity and heat. Some of the storms haven't been so brief, and some have been heavy, so we've actually picked up quite a bit of rain this week and are getting a couple of days… Continue reading Farm update – 6/17/2018

2018, June

Farm update – 6/10/2018

After nearly five months in operation, we're just about ready to close down¬† the greenhouse for summer. Now that we have a germination heating mat, we'll probably start planting up to a month earlier to give things like broccoli and cauliflower a longer greenhouse growing period before being planted outside.¬†That means for the next six… Continue reading Farm update – 6/10/2018

2018, June

Farm update – 6/3/2018

We harvested the last of our beets and rainbow carrots this weekend, and finally pulled up the snow pea plants, meaning we've said goodbye to nearly all of our spring veggies. Cucumbers, squash, and zucchini meanwhile are loving this transition period from spring to summer. We have enough pickling cucumbers this year to offer a… Continue reading Farm update – 6/3/2018

2017, June

Farm update – 6/25/2017

You might think that our long summer growing season would result in an unchanging harvest made up of the same veggies week after week. To some extent that may be true, as only the hardiest crops can endure what southwest Georgia throws at them in July. And August. And September. And yet, at least for… Continue reading Farm update – 6/25/2017