2018, March

Farm update – 3/25/2018

There are so many ways to mark the arrival or passing of seasons, especially so for spring it seems. I've already noted many of the signs of spring over the past few weeks, but there was yet one more sign this weekend that spring has arrived: we have a new group of chicks growing bigger… Continue reading Farm update – 3/25/2018

2018, March

Farm update – 3/18/2018

After spending the day constructing a brooder pen for raising chicks, we're nearly finished with the major projects we'd set out to tackle this winter. We have some minor work to complete before the brooder pen is ready for its first batch of chicks, which hopefully we'll bring home next weekend. It will be a… Continue reading Farm update – 3/18/2018

2018, March

Farm update – 3/11/2018

We have lots of planting to report on this weekend! After 5-7 weeks of life in the greenhouse, our Chinese cabbages (bok choy and Tokyo bekana), tat soi, arugula, lettuces, spinach, kohlrabi, broccoli, and cauliflower were ready for planting. Although those last three veggies have a long way to go before being ready to harvest… Continue reading Farm update – 3/11/2018

2018, March

Farm update – 3/4/2018

Today was dedicated to our shiitake mushrooms. Two weeks ago, we cut down a water oak and a red oak in preparation for today. Once we were ready for inoculation, the first thing to do was to cut the trees into pieces of a suitable size, just about 3.5 feet long. We ended up with… Continue reading Farm update – 3/4/2018

2017, March

Farm update – 3/26/2017

This week's Whole Farm basket includes 5 oz baby turnip greens, 1 lb collards, a bundle of green onions, and a bunch of mixed French Breakfast, Champion, and Pink Beauty radishes. This upcoming week is an exciting one for Calamint Farms. Tomorrow we'll get to pick up two new packages of bees. After the buzz-filled… Continue reading Farm update – 3/26/2017