2018, October

Farm update – 10/28/2018

12 days and 2 hours (yes, we were counting) after losing power as Hurricane Michael began pushing ashore, we finally got power back. Just about 12 hours later, we took off for a work conference in Louisiana where we spent a couple of days with old and new friends sharing information about longleaf pine ecosystem… Continue reading Farm update – 10/28/2018

2018, October

Farm update – 10/21/2018

This has been a long and busy week. One of continued hurricane clean up and recovery, of tending to the noisy, hungry generators that are allowing us to cling to our status as dwellers of modern civilization, of acclimating to cold showers and eating dinner in the dark. We carved out time to begin replanting… Continue reading Farm update – 10/21/2018

2018, October

Farm (and storm) update – 10/14/2018

It wasn't until I was just about done writing this post last week that I realized that the forecast track for Hurricane Michael was more or less directly atop Calamint Farms. Even when I found that out, however, I figured we'd get minimal damage because we've historically been far enough inland that tropical systems lose… Continue reading Farm (and storm) update – 10/14/2018

2018, October

Farm update – 10/7/2018

Now that we're two weeks into our fall vegetable season, the weather is finally about to catch on that it's time to turn cooler. The cool down looks to be courtesy of Tropical Storm (likely to become Hurricane) Michael. The 10-day forecast has Michael coming through on Wednesday followed by multiple days with highs in… Continue reading Farm update – 10/7/2018

2017, October

Farm update – 10/29/2017

What a difference a week can make! Last Sunday we were 10 degrees above normal at 89 degrees, while today we were 21 degrees below normal at 56. And with winds from the north at 10-15+ mph throughout the day...brr! It definitely has felt like a summer-to-winter transition over the past week. We're even under… Continue reading Farm update – 10/29/2017