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Updated 3/18/2018

SALE! Eggs: $3

  • One dozen large Grade A blue, green, and brown farm-fresh eggs.

Collard greens: $4

  • A traditional Southern green. 2 lb.

Radishes: $2

  • First radishes of spring! 8 oz.

Herbs: $1/bunch

  • Garlic chives
  • Oregano
  • Chives
  • Mint

Sold out, for now 

Asian greens medley: $4.50

  • A mix of Chinese cabbage (Tokyo bekana) and tat soi, perfect for braising and stir fry. 4 oz.

Spinach: $4

  • Dark green leaves that are versatile and mild. 8 oz.

Swiss chard: $4

  • A mild and tender green that’s really delicious raw or cooked. 8 oz.

Green garlic: $2

  • Similar in appearance to green onions (and can be cooked and eaten similarly), but with a decidedly garlic flavor, which is a little more mellow than a mature garlic clove. A unique spring delight!